Ascend Elements Featured on Automotive News TV

First Shift: VW Group, Bosch partner on advanced driver-assist systems Video from Automotive News (

An Automotive News TV segment featured Ascend Elements on January 25, 2022. First Shift host, Tom Worobec, explained automakers plan to spend $515 billion over the next 5 to10 years to build battery powered vehicles. This leads to the question of what will happen to used batteries and waste from the battery production process.  

In the Technology Tuesday Report, Mike O’Kronley, CEO of Ascend Elements, said, “There’s going to be a lot of material available. Whether it is from manufacturing scrap or even end-of-life batteries. We need to do something with all these batteries; reclaim all those valuable elements that are in there and transform them into something new and much more valuable than just scrap materials. Certainly, no one wants these batteries to go into landfills.” 

Watch Automotive News TV (and skip to 3:50 time stamp) below to learn more about recycling end-of-life batteries and scrap.