Patented Hydro-to-Cathode™ process
increases material performance and value

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Our patented Hydro-to-Cathode process simplifies recycling and transforms old batteries into advanced battery materials that rival or surpass the performance of new.

Reclaiming high-value advanced battery materials—efficiently

Our advantage starts with a remarkable innovation: Other processes leach metals out of spent battery materials, but our patented Hydro-to-Cathode process leaches out impurities, keeping the valuable metals in solution and eliminating multiple steps in the recycling flow.

Elevating the sustainability of lithium-ion battery recycling

Traditional lithium-ion recycling processes involve many steps that use a lot of energy. Also, they focus on reclaiming intermediate compounds to sell to commodities markets. Our Hydro-to-Cathode process is more efficient and more sustainable while it returns higher-level materials to the supply chain. Using a life cycle assessment methodology from Argonne National Labs, our process demonstrated significant reductions in all environmental impact categories, when compared with traditional methods.

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Making sustainability pay off: Higher economic return encourages more EV battery recycling

By delivering engineered materials at lower cost, our Hydro-to-Cathode process greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of battery recycling. Improved economics is the best way to boost battery recycling as the EV market grows, which will reduce the pressure to mine and process raw materials for critical battery applications. In this way, our closed-loop approach is a more direct path toward sustainable stewardship of our natural resources and supply chains, helping society to pursue carbon-neutral goals.

Cathode is the most expensive and carbon-intense material in batteries. Our approach results in:
lower costs
lower carbon emissions

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