Corporate Policies

Corporate Policies and Governance

Ascend Elements has established governing policies that promote sustainability and exceed all compliance requirements. Our corporate policies are an important part of the company’s ESG efforts.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct: The Supplier Code of Conduct applies to each member of Ascend Elements’ supplier community.
  • Responsible Sourcing Policy: Ascend Elements commits to only sourcing raw materials that are responsibly produced.
  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy: Corruption and bribery destabilize communities, undermine the rule of law and pose serious threats to economic progress and the healthy operation of markets.
  • Ascend Elements Code of Conduct: The code provides a framework for all persons acting on behalf of Ascend Elements to perform their activities ethically and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and company policies.
  • Human Rights Policy: Ascend Elements recognizes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which focuses on dignity, respect and equality — without discrimination — for all people.
The Ascend Elements Board of Directors also operates several committees to enhance corporate governance, accountability and transparency. 

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