Full-service EV battery recycling raises the standard

We make it much simpler and more economical to recycle discarded lithium-ion batteries and scrap, with convenient logistics operations that span North America and Europe.

up to 90%

reduced GHG Emissions

up to 98%

recovery rate


peace of mind

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Responsible recycling services pay off

We don’t simply raise the bar on recycling, we exceed your expectations. That’s why major cell and automotive OEMs entrust us with recycling contracts.

We guide you through every recycling step for optimal convenience, safety and value.

We take ownership of your materials at the door.

Rest easy with our rigorous controls, secure monitoring, documented chain of custody and 24-hour security.

We ensure the secure destruction of R&D materials and proprietary information.

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Enjoy the peace of mind and competitive advantage that comes from sustainable, high-value, end-of-life solutions

Logistics management makes recycling simpler and more efficient.

We lift the work of logistics and processing off your shoulders.

Our experienced battery recycling professionals handle all aspects of transportation and recycling. We help you prepare your shipment and provide documentation, including certificates of recycling for traceability and proof of proper disposal. We are fully insured and our internal standards meet or exceed worldwide regulatory requirements. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What set Ascend Elements apart for us was their technology. The fact they can recycle old chemistries, adjust chemical ratios and re-sell materials into the value chain is very attractive. Compared to other recyclers, Ascend Elements stood apart.

Start upcycling your spent lithium-ion batteries.

Ascend Elements is raising the value of materials in the battery supply chain, sustainably. Learn more about our engineered battery materials , high-value recycling services and fast-growing company .

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