Haixia Deng, Ph.D. Joins Ascend Elements as VP of Cathode

We are pleased to welcome Haixia Deng, Ph.D., to the Ascend Elements team. Dr. Deng will serve as Vice President of Cathode with responsibility for company’s development of customized cathode products.

Dr. Deng has 15 years of experience developing cathode products, including NMC, High Ni NMC, Co-free cathodes, NCA, and LCO. Most recently, she held the position of Sr. Director of Battery Materials Development at eJoule, Inc. Before that, she served in roles at Enevate Corp, Envia Systems/Zenlab and Argonne National Laboratory. She has significant expertise in lithium-ion battery development with a focus on NCA, Li-rich cathode, and 4.6V LCO, including Si-based anode materials development. She has successfully developed both PCAM and CAM products that are used by a variety of companies around the world today.

“Haixia Deng is an excellent addition to our team as we move beyond battery recycling and begin manufacturing premium, customized cathode active materials for clients,” said Eric Gratz, Ph.D., CTO, and co-founder of Ascend Elements.

Dr. Deng has authored over 30 publications and patents and received the 47th R&D 100 Awards for her accomplishments in Li-ion cathode materials. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics and Materials Science City University of Hong Kong.