Popular Science Features Ascend Elements as Leading Innovator in EV Battery Recycling

Author and magazine writer Jake Bittle toured the Ascend Elements Research facility in Westborough, Mass. earlier this year. The story he wrote, “The Race to Close the EV Battery Recycling Loop,” features Ascend Elements as a leading innovator in the fast-growing lithium-ion battery recycling industry. The article was published in the May 31 issue of Popular Science.

“After handing me a pair of safety goggles, Ascend Elements’ co-founder and chief technology officer, Eric Gratz, shows me the works. Shouting over the constant whine of a generator, he ushers me into a high-ceilinged space dominated by a dozen interconnected tanks and machines. There are three steel vats towering over us, a pair of 10-foot-long contraptions that look like accordions, and a set of several smaller tanks connected by pipes and tubes.”

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Nickel sulfate, black mass, cathode material, lithium carbonate, and cobalt sulfate from Ascend Elements’ recycling process.